I find myself constantly talking about perception.

This could be about a friend who seems to have it all.

Or about a business that seems to be thriving, or a baby that seems to sleep and feed like a dream.

But perception is just that! It is not always true sometimes things are crap but you put on a smile and say “I’m fine!”.

I find it hard for many new mums that feel themselves judging there own baby but others and then feeling they are not doing it well or ‘good enough’.

So I am here today to call ‘BULLSHIT’ on it all!

We all need to be kind, caring and non-judgemental.

Some days are just crap and some moments of the each day are brilliant!

Learning a new job- being a mum is hard. You are constantly trying new things and looking for the solution. Some times things work and other times they don’t (a lot like I find running a business).

So thought for the day is saying – I am enough.

Being kind, caring and if your having a bad day talk with your buddies or family about it.

Sometimes saying it out loud helps.

Remember perfect doesn’t exist (its all a perception anyway!).


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