Do Babies need water??

I just watched the weather for Adelaide for Christmas.

It is going to be 37! OMG.

We haven’t had a Chrissy Day like this in years.

For many new mums the advice given on Christmas day can be overwhelming.

Whether it is to always put a singlet on there baby no matter the weather.

Or don’t put the babies ears under the water or they will get an ear infection.

Or that all babies need water! this one is my favourite.

For many years we have been trying to educate new mums that babies no matter whether they are breast or bottle fed don’t need water. They get the perfect mix of water, fat and nutrients in their milk. Yes on a warm day (like today) some babies will have an extra feed or seem to want slightly more frequent feeds. If you are breastfeeding you might find you need an extra bottle of water because your body will naturally make a more water based milk to keep your little one hydrated.

So if your baby is wanting an extra bottle or feed please give it to them. And if grandma tells you on Christmas day to give the baby a bottle of water please smile politely or fill them with the knowledge that babies need calories in all their food and that water is empty calories hence we don’t give it to them.

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