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Are you more scared of walking in pregnant or out a parent??

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Are you more scared walking into the hospital or walking out??
This is a common fear for new parents- PARENTHOOD!
I always remember my mum used to know all the answers. Yep all of them she knew what to do, when to do it, all the answers to my every question.
As I am a mum myself I feel that the motto- ‘fake it till you make it’ plays in my head often.
I often giggle about the explanation I gave my then 6 year old son about the difference between a vagina and a penis- wait for it……
Look mate its just like a inside willy! Yep- does that make sense at all??
I am a Midwife I spend my life working out anatomy especially in the reproductive section.
Of course when I spoke with my mum she told me, “You know they sell books for new parents to make this easier” of course she still new the answer!
Therefore I totally understand the fear many new parents have when they take that little newborn home! How much do you feed them? How many layers do they wear? What do you do if it cries??
Parenthood also makes us re-think who we are? who are our friends? Do you have to dress differently to be a mum?
The questions are endless.
To be honest you are still you, your partner is still the person that knows you the best and your true friends will still be there after you figure out all the previous questions about what to do with your baby.
You actually don’t need to know all the answers sometimes you need help to understand what the question is and certainly this new little person is going to force you to learn more things.
Important things like-
is there a perfect ‘thing’ that will make your baby sleep well (NO)
Do you have enough Breastmilk (USUALLY YES)
Should you wear leggings out the house (NO)
Is dry shampoo the best invention EVER (YES)
Will people really notice if you don’t wear a bra (YES)
You need to give yourself time to really get comfortable in this motherhood game. You will hopefully meet some new friends- these we will call the season friends.
They will help you through this season they will have the same interests (babies) and be home tucked up in bed by 730 praying for a few hours sleep, they will also be contactable via social media for a chat at 2am.
Your reason friends will also start to pop up. They will show you some new skills or make you think differently about something. Maybe you were ALWAYS going to go back to work at 4 months because you LOVE your job. However after a few months with your little human the thought of sending emails all day makes you want to cry. These fabbo friends will help you through the tough days and maybe show you life can be different.
Then there are those lifetime friends. These are the ones you miss terribly at 2am when you sad and lonely. They of course don’t get why you wouldn’t want to go back to work and most certainly are having a Carrie Bradshaw night when your watching the new series of 24 with a magnum. Your lifetime friends will be back, they are there forever and will always remember the time you laughed so much coffee came out your nose (Emily!).
So please enjoy the change, roll with the punches, fake it till you make it and don’t worry you will be fine. Change is necessary and that little person is worth all of it 🙂
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