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Are you the expert- always??

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It is a stormy hot night here in Adelaide.
I just went out to put the rubbish out and stood back and had look at a camper trailer.
Yep a camper trailer! You might all think I am going bonkers by now!
So as it happens sometimes we can’t do it all.
I am a fiercely inter pendant woman that sometimes has to learn things the hard way.
I can link this to a lovely message I received from a client on Saturday morning. Telling me how amazing I was and that her baby had slept in good blocks that night following the advice I gave. Wow I felt fantastic. That was until I was faced with backing a trailer into a drive way on a busy road.
Yes that can make all crazy people who think they can do anything realise that maybe without any instructions and guidance we just can’t.
If anyone knows me they would realise how hard it is to admit that I can’t do something (this of course means I will have to practice more!).
Following the recent expo in Melbourne that I took my very first step into the world of marketing and attempted to tell all that would listen that The Baby Manual was going to solve there problems, answer the questions they didn’t know to ask, and so on…..
Someone said to me- “Couldn’t I just google this?”
And I thought yes you could. But would you get confused (yes)
Would you know what to ask (no)
Would there be someone to ask if you got confused (no)
This is what I have created to solve those problems. From years of working with new parents I gathered all the common problems and questions and got them answered for you.
And yes I could have googled backing in a trailer- it probably would not have helped though.
Practice, experience and if all else fails a helpful neighbour is what I really needed.
The Baby Manual is all my knowledge experience and a gathering of experts to reassure you what is normal and what to do next.
For some new mums they just do it (like nike!) and could probably help me back a trailer in! However my experience has shown me again that sometimes things don’t come that naturally. Support, guidance and others experience was what I needed on Saturday afternoon (and then a glass of wine!). With the Baby Manual I have put together is all of those things and more. As a determined slightly crazy lady in little old Adelaide I am hoping that lots of new parents benefit from my experience and join the ‘tribe’ that The Baby Manual has and feel confident in the knowledge we can give you. This is to avoid an incident where you block two lanes of traffic with sweaty palms, two kids giving you encouraging words and think “SHIT” I don’t know how to get out of this situation! That is until someone come and helps you figure it out 🙂
We have a free no obligation trial of The Baby Manual
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The Baby Manual

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