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Are you what you eat??!!

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I am constantly seeing the newest best diet advertised at the moment.
Of course the new year ‘new you’ is everyones focus but for the expectant mother or new mum she is getting her own hit of marketing.
I found this new pregnancy water product the other day. Yes more hydrating water than water! At $4.50 for 500 mls you should surely hope so.
Who would have thought!!
Which leads me to the question are you what you eat? Will you grow a better baby with more hydrating water than actual water? For some women who have specific health needs this water might well save the day.
However for most women a balanced diet of meat, veggies, calcium, nuts and healthy fats is all you need. If you think about the cultures around the world these women eat what is in season and grow a very healthy baby. Again for someone women a multivitamin is necessary but aside from folic acid in the first trimester you really don’t need a supplement.
Your beautiful body will grow a amazing baby all on its own just listen to those cravings as they are normally encouraging you to eat more of something e.g.- calcium (not ice-cream) sodium (not hot chips) or sugar (not lollies)
Oh and don’t even get me onto caffeine! Recommendations are for no more than three caffeinated beverages a day- this includes tea, chocolate and soft drinks. So grabbing that morning latte is fine as long as you don’t over do it. It is funny that three caffeinated beverages is the recommendations for most people (I have just worked night duty so have totally over done that!).
So please ladies take the pressure off yourselves eat a balanced diet of fresh healthy foods. Don’t spend all your spare money on the best protein powder, vitamin water or expensive supplement- your really just flushing it down the toilet (literally!)
For more information about diet in pregnancy and when breastfeeding  join The Baby Manual.
We have a great video’s from the fantastic dieticians from The Nurtured Child
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