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Babies skin- what to use

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I often find myself discussing baby skin and creams, lotions and potions all the time.
Remember your babies skin (and yours) is your biggest living organ- we need to look after it.
Marketing plays a HUGE role in this. As adults we see it every day- put this cream on to look youthful, use this cream to prevent stretch marks, make sure you use this cream to prevent nappy rash.
Well I am sure by now you have realised the stretch mark claims were false!
Your little baby was happily snuggled up in your womb with no chemicals, wipes, nappies or germs. The first few weeks of their lives bring HUGE skin changes. They firstly loose a layer of skin they no longer require- if you use a cream to help with this then your often adding a batch of chemicals they ave never had contact with. This alone can be enough to cause a rash…..
Then you search for the next cream to fix the rash (can you see where I am going with this).
I find the best angle to take is – with your fresh little baby choose ph neutral, low fragrance cream or lotion.
If it smells good don’t use it.
Also be aware that rashes, flaking skin and little pimples are all really normal.
They are not problems that need to be fixed.
Nappy rash is commonly a reaction to either chemicals or acidic poo. Acidic poo can be caused by too much of the first bit of your breast milk (common when your milk first comes in ). You don’t need to always put nappy rash cream on to prevent nappy rash- it leaves a thick coating on your babies skin stopping it from breathing. Try using water and a chux wipe or a tissue and sorbolene to clean your babies button rather than a wipe (put that wipe to your lips and you will taste all the chemicals!!).
Sometimes taking away chemicals actually stops the reaction.

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