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Baby products- Don't believe the hype

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I have recently had a stand at both the Adelaide Pregnancy and Baby Expo and the Melbourne expo. I was overwhelmed at all the ‘stuff’ available for new parents.
As an expert in this area I was very well aware of what was available but seeing it all together made me start to think. It is so confusing being a new parent.
Wanting to do the ‘right’ thing and getting the best thing for your new little addition.
On the flip side it is a time in many young parents lives when the budget has to get tighter as one income is about to drop and some day to day expenses are going to increase.
Such a dilemma! I want the best thing for my baby but we don’t want to go into debt for this and have more day to day stress.
I will bring you back to marketing!
The pregnancy and birthing market is HUGE! A multi billion dollar industry that survives on emotional marketing.
Will a swaddle make your baby sleep all night?
Will a nose aspirator help your baby sleep all night??
Will a banana shaped tooth brush help your baby have less pain when teething??
and so on……
I found it personally hard as I had come as a health professional offering a product that offered education and support. This I learnt very quickly was not what the ‘market’ wanted they wanted ‘stuff’. Of course this was disappointing as I had spent lot of money and my time to try and get the message out there. Maybe if new parents understood why things were changing they wouldn’t feel the need to buy something that promised greatness and solutions (mostly for something that is normal).
So the lessons I learnt over my weekends at the baby expo are-
1.Don’t believe the hype!
The promises that products make are often emotionally based.
If you can’t afford the product and it is going to cause more stress then it won’t work.
2.Your body was designed to grow and feed your baby
I did take my range of lactation cookies to the expo and had lots of interest.
Some ladies came up and asked do I need these to breastfeed?
Or do these have breastmilk in them??
I had to be honest and say no these are a great snack and useful if your supply is a bit low.
3. Be nice to the people working on the stands!
We are tired and have sore feet. At all expos it is usually the creator of the product trying to talk to you. They have worked long and hard to get there just smile and be polite we are not trying to bribe you into anything 🙂
4. Have a budget of what you can afford before you go.
Many stands will have special offers that you can get after you go home.
Try not to impulse buy and then come home disappointed.
5.Use your noodle! The only products in the baby industry that have regulation are cots, prams and car seats. Other than that pretty much anything can hit the market. If it seems unsafe then don’t use it always follow the SIDS and kids safe sleeping guidelines.

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