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Book review- The Positive Birth Book

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With much excitement I have been waiting to get my little hands on this book. From the online reviews and chatter about it was only going to be fantastic!
I even bought it from overseas as I couldn’t find it in any shops in Adelaide- yes I was excited!!
I had thought that this was written by an experience Midwife or at least health professional however on review it was written by a fantastic woman who is a mum. So at first I was disappointed thinking another book of opinion- blah blah blah.
However I was HUGELY wrong!
I am not sure where I have been hiding but the positive birth movement is rippling all over the world- and it just as it says POSITIVE.
So a bit of background. Milli Hill had her babies in the UK excited by the chance to have a home birth through the public system but then disappointed when it was no longer possible due to hospital shortcomings. This lead to a birth she had not expected full of intervention and loss of power. She then took this experience and vowed to make a change with her next baby. Baby number two was different she had a beautiful home birth surrounded by experienced private midwives and had all that she had hoped for.
Flowing on from this she (like me) realised the negativity that surrounds birth and the fear that is perpetuated by the media, gossiping of traumatic stories and the idea that one should just be happy with the thought that they have a healthy baby no matter the birth.
She has written a very easy to read positive book with a great amount of up to date information on all things including the section- what about poo? Will I poo myself.
It has a few pictures to help understand her points however the easy to read sections can fill any nervous soon to be mother with the idea that this birth business is not that bad and trust yourself as you have got this!!
Yes it is fair to say I love it! and will be highly recommending it to my clients.
I have also become a positive birth movement stalker and with nearly 43,000 others I now follow them on all social media.
Maybe we all need a positive movement to follow (no I am not still talking about the poo section). Within this book the scary bits of birth are discussed in a factual way however the positives are highlighted and emphasised so you feel choice is yours and your birth is yours.
I feel empowered and inspired that one woman wanting to make a change has been so powerful and inspirational too so many all over the world. So please if your having your baby soon find this book read it, tell your buddies to read it (don’t buy save our sleep get this book!!). Lets not fear birth as eventually that little human has to come out of you.
And for me this has shown me that one little voice to grow into many it is just what I needed to get me inspired and back trying to get the message about The Baby Manual to help all those new parents understand the whys and whats that happens with their new little humans. Maybe one day my little voice will be heard a bit wider too! (watch out Sunrise I am coming!)

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