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Colic Confusion ?!?

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Every new parent hears about colic “what is colic” “how do you prevent colic?” “Help! my baby has colic!”

When I looked up the definition of colic it doesn’t even really say what causes it however defines that colic is excessive crying of an infant for more than three hours a day, for more than three days in a week for three weeks in an otherwise healthy baby.

Well isn’t that helpful!

I am sure many of you can say with 100% certainty that your baby has colic- or your toddler or in some cases as an adult I could cry that much!

Lets start with what causes colic- wind pains! Yep this can be caused by an imbalance of bacteria which can be very normal in the first four weeks when the babies bacteria is trying to get balanced in the GIT system. So therefore colic or wind pain is completely normal for infants especially in the afternoon and evening when a bowel has being busy making poo all day.

So colic is wind pains caused by an imbalance in bacteria in the bowel- this is just the same as it can be with all humans especially if you have a spicy meal or eat something that can upset your system.

How can we help such a pain??

Firstly you have to remember that babies have no idea what pain is! They get totally freaked out by pain and let you know all about it. They don’t understand it and certainly can’t predict or rationalise it. So you job as there parent is to provide comfort and reassurance ( a cuddle and maybe some pressure on their tummy). As I am sure you are all aware colic comes in waves (a lot like contractions) this is because the bowel moves in waves as it breaks down food and makes poo. This is what a baby can be settled for a few minutes then bursts out in pain again as another wave of colic hits.

This can last 10 minutes, 30 minutes who knows! Then if you baby has been telling you all about their sore tummy they can often be over tired and find it hard to go to sleep- which is another issue.

It helps to understand what and why you are doing things doesn’t it!

The first four weeks of life are full of lots of changes the biggest is creating your own micro-biome. This is gathered from your parents by transferring bacteria to help set up a healthy system especially in the bowel. So when the micro-biome is settling around 4 weeks the baby starts to fart a little less and they stop smelling. I wouldn’t know as I am a lady (and never fart) but I hear sometimes when you have a sore tummy your can have super smelly farts which is caused by an imbalance of bacteria.

How can you help your baby if they have colic in the first four weeks—–

cuddle your baby

don’t worry things are normal an colic happens in the first 4 weeks of life

understand the reasons why this pain happens

help your baby through the rough times

I hope this practical information helps. This is just a small sample of the expert advice you can expect from The Baby Manual.

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Soon to come is my article on what to do when your baby has colic past four weeks- stay tuned!



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