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Colic! Four weeks and beyond

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My last post was on colic in the first four weeks.

This was hopefully helpful in explaining what normal colic is and how why that little person can be unsettled in the evenings.

After four weeks or irritable behaviour you really do start to want some solutions.

Baby massage- a gentle tummy massage can help to move some wind and help that little one get their business done!

Caffeine- We recommend three caffeinated drinks a day- sometimes too much caffeine can make you both a bit jumpy.

This includes tea, coffee, soft drinks, chocolate and energy drinks.

Lactose Intolerance- Well don’t get me started! True lactose intolerance is very very rare especially in newborns.

Lactose is a normal part of breastmilk whether you consume it or not. Lactose intolerance is really the absence of the body to break down lactose therefore causing a very unsettled tummy full of yucky poo, nappy rash and lots of wind.

In some cases with an irritable baby we trial taking away lactose in the mothers diet and see what happens, however we would normally like the baby to have some of the other signs and not just irritability.

Other Intolerance- Before you start taking out wheat, eggs etc etc I would strongly recommend seeing a GP or paediatrician.

In some cases yes your baby can have some issues with certain food types but it is important to not exclude them from both yours and the babies diet as it is important.

So please get professional advice before you start any elimination diet.

In some cases just like you a nice herbal remedy can help with those gassy pains. Generally the over the counter preparations are very safe and contain very low dose herbs or homeopathic drops. In some cases you will use if at a troublesome time fo the day or when your baby is unsettled. Try not to use it with all feeds as a just incase (unless you want to buy shares in the local pharmacy).

Pro-biotics- these are the new kids on the block! Lots of new research coming out that they can help restore or correct an out of balance gut. We call this the microbiome of the babies gut bacteria. If you think about sometimes you can have a funny bloated tummy and don’t feel yourself for a few days. They are claiming these probiotics can restore, correct and ease some colic pains. Always speak with the pharmacist or your Doctor before starting this treatment.

Allied Health Professionals- chiropractors/ osteopaths/ craniotomy-sacral physio’s

Firstly it is important to remember that all allied health professionals are professionals in there own right.

They have to register and be regulated by the same professional body as Midwives and Doctors.

This is a very personal choice and in some cases can be the little change that helps harmony prevail inside your little one. You generally don’t need a referral but my advice is make sure you check they have paediatric training before you attend.

The information above is really only the beginning of the possible colic solutions.

If you have found something that works please add the content below as I am sure someone will appreciate it.

The Baby Manual has lots fo great information from our experts to help with colic and infant sleep.




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