Donna Mansell is the creator of The Baby Manual

Donna is the founding Director of MotherNurture and The Baby Manual, offering 16 years’ experience as a Registered Nurse/ Midwife and Lactation Consultant. She is passionate about helping women step into motherhood with calm and confidence. This passion inspired her decision to begin MotherNurture, making it the first of its kind in South Australia.

Donna understands the benefit of great support throughout pregnancy and the early weeks following birth. In 2007 Donna decided to use her experience, skills and passion to create MotherNurture and provide women in South Australia with a service that was otherwise unavailable to them. This positive step forward in midwifery services gives women more choice, support and information during their pregnancies and early parenting experience.

Donna, along with her loving husband Scott, is also the proud parent of two little boys, Oliver, 8 and Harrison, 6.

As a little girl, Donna always fantasised about having her own shop, so being able to offer quality products via her online store is just another part of her business that has her truly excited. It’s not quite the cash register and aisles she imagined but it’s a childhood dream fulfilled nonetheless.

Donna’s ultimate focus is to offer her best and in turn help others achieve their best in the wonderful journey of motherhood.

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We have a great range of experts joining us in The Baby Manual.


Dr Rebecca Perry and Chelsea Mauch are both Dieticians.  The Nurture Child is their excellent e-learning course to support new parents when starting solids.

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Rebecca Brook is the proud owner of Earthly Birth.

With many years of experience she teaches baby massage, pre and postnatal massage, Aromotheraphy and many other specialist services.

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Dr Anthony Chitti and Dr Paul Lang are both Paediatricians at Adelaide Paediatrics.

They are committed to providing fantastic high quality care to all the babies they see.


Dr Chris Hughes is an Obstetrician and a Gynaecologist based in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide.

He is committed to providing education and support for all his expectant mums.

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Rebecca Sabine (Beck) is a Women’s Health and Pelvic floor physiotherapist. Her passion is in helping women with dysfunctions such as incontinence, weakness, prolpase or pain, to regain confidence in their bodies and remain physically active through life.

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Brooke Michell is passionate about assisting people to bring about positive change in the sleeping patterns of their children, and feels that these changes can be gradual and respectful to both the child and their parents.

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Jodie combines positive psychology, spirituality and practical experience to guide and mentor parents to get to the true heart of parenting.