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The Baby Manual

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We understand that caring for a newborn can be an isolating experience. The Baby Manual is your shoulder to lean on during the long days – and even longer nights. It covers everything you’ll ever need to know about the first four months with your new baby, presented in an easily digestible, week-by-week video format.

We’ve collected helpful, practical advice and information from a wide range of experts, so you can learn at your own pace and in the comfort of your own home.

The Baby Manual comes with more than 50 videos and weekly tips, as well as a gift pack with lactation cookies, a handy feeding diary and helpful printed material. You’ll even get entry to a Facebook group where you’ll meet other mums and get the support you need.

Welcome to the Baby Manual

Welcome to week one.

We are sooo excited to share in your journey and to offer you some insight that will provide you with confidence and reassurance as you start this incredible new chapter. It may be a bit overwhelming to start with, but heres how we are going to make it easier for you…

This week we have Donna talking about all those normal week one changes not only in your boobs but your entire body!

This will help you not freak out as your amazing body has done some incredible things and it needs to start to change back.

Anthony and Paul are fantastic Paediatricians talking about your little baby and the common changes that happen in the first few weeks. Things like them loosing a layer of skin! EEKK or why they go a bit yellow.

And Bec our amazing physio talking about how to get in and out of bed! Positioning with a feed and why everything stays a bit sore for longer than you thought.

Don’t forget to post any comments of questions on the Facebook page.

Dr. Chitti and Dr. Lang


The dust settles

Whether you know it or not, you just nailed the first week!

Welcome to week two mama 🙂

This week we’ll discuss getting settled at home and the changes you’ll besting in your newborn.

Yep, the one that has kept you up or kept you guessing…. or both.

We’ve got this.

This week we have great information from Dr Chris Hughes our resident Obstetrician talking about recovering post birth and normal changes in your body.

He will also offer some more information to hopefully help clarify the birth experience that you had.

Rebecca Brook is also here this week to go through some basic baby massage techniques, when to massage and what to use.

This is a great video that also shows you some basic strokes especially helpful with colic pains.

Donna will be discussing those nasty nipples and sore boobs and what to do.

She will also be talking about normal changes to your body post birth.

We will also go through what to expect with that new little baby why does there skin fall off and many more tips and tricks for this week ahead.

Donna Mansell

Week two Mum changes

Rebecca Brook

Baby Massage Intro

St John

First aid discussion

Get OUTTA the house

Its week three and you’re still here. Well done for taking the time to learn and grow and seek help.

One of the biggest hurdles is seeking help and your’ve done that right from the start. It alone is going to set you up for a smoother introduction to parenthood. The other hurdle is finding time to invest in yourself. Time may seem like a real commodity these days, so good on you for taking two huge steps that are fundamental to staying sane in this crazy new world you’ve just stepped into!

This week you will be hearing from Brooke Michell a fantastic paediatric sleep psychologist. She is going to talk about infant sleep and expectations of this at three weeks old. We will also discuss some simple ways to help your baby feel more secure and hopefully go off to sleep a bit easier.

Unfortunately you will also hear there is no ‘schedule’ or ‘routine that can make this week easier!

Rebecca Sabine our Physio will also be back talking about how you should be feeling at this time.

Donna Mansell

Get OTTA the house!

Brooke Michelle

Infant sleep Discussion

Rebecca Sabine


Life goes on

This is all about you girl! You, you , you. I don’t even want to mention the B word YOU! A woman, an individual, an entity of your very own.. Lets talk about your body, your mind and your incredible hormones. We thought puberty was tough lets talk post partum….

This week we will explore the world of baby carriers- what are your choices and what could make this next few months easier with two free hands.

Rebecca Perry who is an accredited dietician is going to go through diets and expectations of your body after pregnancy and early breastfeeding.

This is a great and very informative discussion.

Dr Rebecca Perry

Life goes on..

Donna Mannsell

Diet discussion for mums

And then it all changes

Woo Hoo! You have just made it to the half way mark mama! You’re no doubt still finding your feet but you’re doing a great job. Be sure to remind yourself every day – every hour in fact. You are doing a great job! This week we are going to talk about how your baby is developing and the changes that may start to present with their feeding and sleeping patterns. I know – you were just getting the hang of things but I promise, things are about to get a whole lot easier.

This week we have Dr Chris Hughes back again discussing how your body should be feeling at this stage.

We will also discuss contraception! so we don’t see you back in 9 months!!

Dr Chris Hughes

Donna Mansell

Baby sleep tips and tricks

Coffee, your new best friend

Life is getting back to normal! You and your baby have sussed each other out and you may be ready to start taking some bigger baby steps to normal life. If you don’t want to or perhaps you want to want to!! This week we start thinking about where you can get your new limb (baby) to work with your life and the areas that it might be best to work with your baby. Accept the things you cannot change and change the things your can 🙂

This is a big week of content for you to watch.

Brooke Michell is back to help you with infant sleep! yes that little baby has woken up and many new parents are searching for the magical cure to help get that baby to sleep longer and hopefully at night!

Anthony and Paul are also back discussing the normal newborn changes at six week including a discussion on immunisations.

Rebecca Sabine is back talking about YOU! yes what is that body doing and where should you start with exercise!!

Rebecca Sabine

Anthony and Paul

Brooke Michell

Is it really like the magazines show you?

Hello! Welcome to week seven. This might be a great time to remind you that in years to come when you are doing weekend sports of ballet concerts and packing inches, you probably won’t remember how challenging or confusing this part of parenthood was. Its tough….. Babies smell good and feel great to cuddle and make a gorgeous accessory to put in a pram, but they also knock you off your feet. Shout it from the rooftops, write it down, tell a stranger on the street- don’t be afraid to be real about your challenges. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has them. Identify where you’re at lets work with it. This week while we touch on baby’s feeding, we are also going to work on staying true to yourself and lettings things out rather than forcing them down.

This week we have Jodie Benevistine talking about YOU and those normal feeling and changes in early parenting. This is a great session to listen to and add any comments to the Facebook group.

Chelsea Mauch is a Dietician also discussing the controversial SOLIDS debate when to start and what to start with.

Chelsea Mauch

Solids intro

Jodie Benveniste

So this is Parenthood

You made it!

Here you are- a certified new mum! Its been a big couple of months and some things are still causing a bit of confusion but you’ve turned some big corners and celebrated some wonderful milestones. You did this. You got here. You are an amazing mother with new battle scars, new trophies and new perspective. You’ve probably had conversations and thoughts you never would have imagined having a few years ago! Don’t worry, there will be plenty more of those. Lets spend this week wrapping up what we/ve done and planning for the next few months of mummy hood.

This week we talk about what might be on offer in your local community for new mums to get involved with- to hopefully get you out of the house and meeting some new mums just like you!!

Dr Hayley Dohnt

Sleep and settling for an older baby

Expert advice

By now you’ve probably heard all sort of well-meaning advice from all sorts of well-meaning people. And you’re wondering whose opinion to listen to. The Baby Manual gives you advice from experts in each field. You won’t find magical cures, but you will find solid, practical guidance you can apply straight away.

Family support

Our advice goes beyond help for you as a new mum. We know that your partner plays a vital role in caring for your infant while supporting your needs. We give them specific information to help them help you.

Self-paced videos

Find out what to expect as your baby develops and learn why and how things change. Tune into to our expert video advice each week or even each day at a time that suits you. Because we know life with a newborn can be unpredictable.

How it works

The Baby Manual is an e-learning course on how to care for a newborn. Our experts give you help and advice to support you through your baby’s first four months.

Weekly videos

Watch new videos each week to keep you ahead of the changes in your baby and yourself.

Step-by-step guides

Check out our other step-by step guides related to infant and post-partum care, from feeding, to sleeping to milk supply.

Online community

Join likeminded parents in our Facebook Community. A place to ask questions of other mums, monitored with professional support.

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What can I say about The Baby Manual!!! Quite simply, words will never do justice to the support and information given to myself and my husband as we embarked on the incredibly nervous and exciting journey into parenthood.  With about 8 weeks before my due date I woke up one morning in a state of...


Finding The Pregnancy Manual during our last trimester was an absolute lifesaver. The down to earth and simple advice and knowledge sharing meant that my wife and I went from naive to comfortable and confident about the birth of our first child and the weeks that followed.   Since the birth of our healthy and...


A great course for mum breastfeeding or wanting to mix feed. The formula information helped me understand what I was choosing.

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