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Week-by-week guide to the postnatal period

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Join midwife Donna as she guides you through the first 8 weeks of parenthood and the complex but amazing changes your body goes through.

These 12 videos discuss what’s going on with your post-partum body in a light-hearted informative way.

The weekly videos also cover your new bundle of joy, including feeding (breast and bottle). And you can’t talk about a baby without talking about poop!

Feel supported and confident in your role as a new mum with our expert, and sometimes humorous, discussions.

Week by week guide

These great weekly videos help explain what is normal and why things keep changing for both the new mum and baby. This is a great guide for a new mum worried about what is normal and wanting reassurance of what is coming ahead. These videos are also great for a new mum wanting more support with breastfeeding her newborn.

Expert advice

By now you’ve probably heard all sort of well-meaning advice from all sorts of well-meaning people. And you’re wondering whose opinion to listen to. Learn about the postnatal period from the experts. You won’t find magical cures, but you will find honest, practical guidance you can apply straight away.

Family support

Our advice goes beyond help for you as a new mum. We know that your partner plays a vital role in your and your baby’s wellbeing. We give them specific information to help them help you.

Self-paced videos

Find out about the post-natal period at your own pace. Tune into to our expert video at a time that suits you. Because we know newborns can be unpredictable.

How it works

The guide is an e-learning course with all the information you need about the post-natal period. Our experts give you help and advice to support you navigate the first 8 weeks as a new mum.


Our experts deliver professional advice in video format, so you can learn what you need to know, when you need to know it.


Check out our other step-by step guides related to infant and post-partum care, from feeding, to sleeping to milk supply.

Online community

Join likeminded parents in our Facebook Community. A place to ask questions and get support.

What our users say


I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed The Baby Manual videos. It is so useful to have the week by week content when you are looking after a newborn as it means you see things at just the right time. I also loved how realistic you and your guests were about life with a...


What can I say about The Baby Manual!!! Quite simply, words will never do justice to the support and information given to myself and my husband as we embarked on the incredibly nervous and exciting journey into parenthood.  With about 8 weeks before my due date I woke up one morning in a state of...


Finding The Pregnancy Manual during our last trimester was an absolute lifesaver. The down to earth and simple advice and knowledge sharing meant that my wife and I went from naive to comfortable and confident about the birth of our first child and the weeks that followed.   Since the birth of our healthy and...


A great course for mum breastfeeding or wanting to mix feed. The formula information helped me understand what I was choosing.

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Connect with the specialists you need, when you need them.

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