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Day Five of Babyhood

2 mins read

I have been home for a few days and mum doesn’t seem to be crying as much.

I am feeling better, my tummy only really hurts at night or if I have too much to eat. I have started to be a bit quicker at eating my milk which had mum worried but then she watched the video from midwife Donna who explained that babies get faster at sucking out milk as the days and weeks go on.

My also seems much more comfortable when I have some milk. It doesn’t hurt her as much and we are working as a team really well.

I heard mum and dad talking about getting some takeaway tonight and having a toast to being parents. I wondered what I toast was??

Then I heard Grandma telling mum she can’t drink wine while she was breastfeeding. Mum was saying that she could have a little bit to drink (one standard drink)  but she would have it just after I had a feed and then it would be totally out of her milk before I had another feed. Grandma seemed to think this was a good idea. Then she made a joke that Dad better not drink the rest of the bottle.

Dad has started to give me a bath each evening which I love, I really don’t like getting out the bath but when I am in there I love it. This is helping me to sleep a bit better.

Oh you will love this grandma and mum were trying to cut my nails today as they were worried I was going to scratch myself. But I just kept curling my little fingers in so they couldn’t get them 🙂 In the end mum just picked the edges while I was having my milk and they peeled off really easily.

We have an appointment with Midwife Donna tomorrow to check my weight and check over mummy. I think mum is looking forward to this to make sure I am growing well. I can tell everything is going well but it would be good to see Midwife Donna again.



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