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Day Four of Babyhood- the dust begins to settle

3 mins read

Hi everyone. My parents have decided to call me Charles but I think most people will call me Charlie. They just keep saying my name over and over making sure they like it. I even heard mum call out the back door- “come on Charlie come inside” just to make sure she liked the name. Aren’t parents funny.

Things have started to settle down a bit more inside of my little body. My jaundice is improving, my skin is still dry but getting better, my tummy is slowly getting bigger so I can drink more milk and gain back the weight I lost. I still like crying but not as often as yesterday. I still find the night time really hard, my little tummy gets so sore and I have so much wind to come out I need a cuddle to help get through this. Lucky Dad has found a new Netflix series that he is enjoying during the midnight hours.

If my tummy is really sore I love a nice warm wheat bag (not too hot) snuggled in to my tummy or maybe warm bath or something to suck on.

Mum and Dad are getting much better at wrapping me. Even though I struggle with the wrap I really like feeling all snuggled and safe in the wrap. Don’t forget to let my legs start to stretch out when you wrap me mum and dad as I need to start to straighten out to grow big and tall.

I do like sleeping most of the day away please don’t think waking me more often will help me sleep better at night. Firstly I have no idea its night time and secondly it will just stop me from feeding well or give a big tummy ache that will make the night even worse.

Just try and sleep when you can mum and dad and realise I am only little and don’t really know much. Day and night all seem the same for me. I don’t wake up to make you cranky its just that I don’t really understand whats what. I will get better over the next few weeks but just not right now.

I heard mum talking to grandma saying she was just worried about everything and she felt like she was doing a really bad job. Poor mum she is doing such a great job and I think she is the best mum ever.

Maybe she should watch some more of Midwife Donna’s http://www.mothernurture.com.au videos on The Baby Manual https://www.thebabymanual.com.au so she understand the changes rather than worrying everything is going wrong.

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