Day One of Babyhood

Today is my ‘Birth’ Day
May 20, 2019
Day Two of Babyhood- The Lion is born
May 22, 2019

Hey mum we both survived my birthday I keep looking at you and realising how lucky I am to be here with you.

Yesterday was hard work breathing was tiring and sucking for my milk uses all my energy. Oh and then there is grandma! She keeps coming and giving me sooooo many kisses.


Well today you are going to hear from me a bit more. My digestive system is getting started and I have started to poo a few more times and they are getting little bit more slimy  but still green. You will also notice that I do a few more small wee’s in my nappy. Towards the end of today those wee’s can have a orange colour too them. This is called urates and is a sign of dehydration. Try not to worry it is a normal changes as I wait for your mummy milk to come in.


I don’t really want a bath yet I love the smell of the liquor from when I was in your tummy and the vernix is still protecting and nourishing my skin. Maybe wait till tomorrow when I am over 48 hours old and giving me a bath. I am sure the midwives will be able to help you learn how to do this. You could also watch Midwife Donna’s great videos on the Baby manual which show you how to bath me

So mum today I am going to be really really hungry. I am loosing weight as your colostrum only has sugar and antibodies in it. Don’t worry the most important thing for me at the moment is the protection from all the bugs in the world and you give this to me in your colostrum. My tummy is full with 5 mls still however I seem to be able to digest it a lot quicker. So I will be hungry and wanting to feed a lot more often today. Maybe every 2 hours 🙁

Try and rest when you can and don’t worry too much your mummy milk will come in tomorrow and my tummy will be so full I wont know what to do with myself.


You will notice that I might start to have dry skin and nails that start to peel off. This is really normal over the next few weeks my top layer of skin will shed off and my nails will peel off all by themselves.

I might start to get some red lumps and rashes on my body today please don’t worry this is all really normal as my body gets used to all the bacteria in the world. Remember your colostrum is helping to protect me so this doesn’t get out of control.

I get better at thermoregulation today so I might not need so many blankets or a hat. Get the midwife to check my temperature just incase. If you aren’t sure if I am hot or cold just feel in the nape of my neck it should feel nice and warm.

With all this feeding I am helping to stimulate the hormones that make your breast milk. Make sure you look after yourself mum put a little bit of nipple cream on to help your nipples heal between feeds.

Tomorrow is a big day for us as well with your mummy milk coming in and I will need to have some tests done, weight checks and a nice warm bath.

I love you mum and I am so glad I get to be your little human. Try and trust your instincts I already know that you and Dad are going to be great at this.

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