Day Six of Babyhood

Day Five of Babyhood
May 25, 2019

It has nearly been a week since I arrived.

What a week it has been, but I feel like I have been here for so much longer.

I am so happy to be here with you Mum and Dad. I love my snuggly warm bed and all my yummy milk.

I love my cuddles, kisses and most of all you and Daddy.

Today we went out and about for the first time and saw Midwife Donna. She told mummy I was a very relaxed calm little man who was nearly back to birth weight. My jaundice has got better. She told mum some tips to get me to stop hurting your nipples (sorry) and gave mum a check over as well.

I feel like we are really starting to get the hang of things mum. Midwife Donna said that I would start to get hungry and need some extra milk soon- but told mum not to worry. She told you to have some lactation tea or cookies to help boost your milk machines.

Midwife Donna also told you about some baby massage and told you to watch the video she recorded with Bec from earthly birth I think I would like the tummy massage mummy when my tummy is hurting.

We will go back and see Midwife Donna next week which will be fun. You two seem to chit chat about all sorts of things and its nice to see you have a giggle with Midwife Donna.

Well Mum and Dad we have survived a week of me being with you. I am getting stronger and stronger all the time. I am so lucky to be your Charlie.

Not from author—–

This blog series was written to help explain the complex changes for an infant from birth to one week. Each week for the first six is a huge amount fo normal changes. They make an infant irritable and unsettled at times whilst at other times they sleep like a ‘baby!’

The aim was to help normalise infant behaviour and stop new parents feeling like a good plan will help make their babies more predictable.

I hope this gives you all a giggle and helps build understanding regarding babies and their basic needs. If you want to learn more please watch the video series called The Baby manual


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