Day Three of Baby hood- First day at home

Day Two of Babyhood- The Lion is born
May 22, 2019
How to provide postnatal care for a newborn baby
Day Four of Babyhood- the dust begins to settle
May 24, 2019
How to care for a newborn baby

Well mum and Dad we made it. We have been discharged and we are settling in at home.


Poor mum still cried about everything and gave all the Midwives a hug like they were long lost friends before she left the hospital. I think she was just feeling nervous about coming home and looking after me. Don’t worry mum I love you more than anything in the world and will try not to roar like a lion tonight.

Tummy pain and colic

My tummy is still so full with each feed and sometimes it just hurts so much I need a cuddle or something to suck on. Don’t worry it doesn’t mean I need more food it just means my body is working hard trying to draw the nutrients out of all the yummy milk I get from you. The wind coming out of my bum isn’t wont that I have swallowed it is just being made in my bowel and should settle down after a few weeks. I will poo all the time and have lots of wind as well. Try not to google too much mum and dad it is normal. Why don’t you watch some of the videos Midwife Donna has on The Baby Manual Dr Chitti and Dr Lang from Adelaide Paediatrics help to explain this wind pain. No need to try a wind drop or anything yet, just be patient it will get better. I really like it when you curl me up on your chest and give my back a little rub when the tummy pains are bad. I also like a warm bath if I haven’t been awake too long.

The midwives checked my weight and it was great. I had only lost 300gms so no need to worry. You could call Midwife Donna to do another weight check in a few days to make sure things are going ok.


My skin is still a bit dry don’t worry it doesn’t hurt and some cream might help rub it off but you could also leave it alone and it will be ok.


I am still a bit jaundiced but thats Ok it will settle down over the next few days. You will notice my poo is super bright brown/ yellow at the moment. This is all the bilirubin coming out. Don’t worry it will go yellow soon.


Tonight might be a bit rough mum. Don’t forget you taped all those shows to watch during the night. My tummy is likely to be a bit sore tonight. And its different being at home its so quiet and dark. You spend all your time watching and listening for me you will find it hard to drop off to sleep. Why don’t you put me next to Dad so he can be in charge for a few hours so you can get some well earned rest.

You could leave a little light on so you can see me if I make any noises. Or you could play some white noise to help me feel like I am still in your tummy.

Remember you can sleep in tomorrow you don’t need to rush anywhere 🙂 So try not to get frustrated if you are awake during the night.

I am really getting used to all this breathing, thermoregulation, digesting, sucking, seeing and hearing. Remember I couldn’t do any of these things a few days ago. Don’t rush too much mummy each day is long but they also get easier. Love you thanks for being my mum.

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