Day Two of Babyhood- The Lion is born

Day One of Babyhood
May 21, 2019
How to care for a newborn baby
Day Three of Baby hood- First day at home
May 23, 2019

Goodness me I have certainly got a really loud voice. This crying is so much fun. It seems I make a big noise and someone gives me a cuddle or something to eat- its great.

Stomach and bowels

I am so happy that your mummy milk has come in but boy my tummy is full and uncomfortable. Each time I have something to eat I feel so full I fall asleep and then I wake up with these terrible pains and I get really worried that something is wrong.

I know Midwife Donna told you that it is colic and its really normal as by bowels get used to making all this poo from all your yummy mummy milk. It feels nice when you cuddle my legs up and gently pat my back- it feels just like when I was in your tummy.

Day three tests

Today I had a needle in my leg to protect me against Hep B- wow that came from no-where and it really hurt but only for a second. Then the midwife came a took some blood drops from my heal- I didn’t mind as I was hungrily having some milk from you.

Jaundice and dry skin

The baby doctor came and said I look jaundiced and my skin was getting dry. I wasn’t sure what she was talking about but I remember Midwife Donna talking about the jaundice being normal as my liver can’t cope with he breakdown of all the extra Red blood cells I don’t need now I can make my own oxygen. She said don’t worry it is normal and only lasts a few more days and comes out my poo!

The dry skin is just a layer of skin coming off that I don’t need anymore. This often looks worse after my first bath that Dad did this morning. I loved it in the warm bath, it was so relaxing being in Dads strong hands. It reminded me of what is was like floating in your tummy for all those months.

The midwife also came and did a hearing test! I looked like a DJ with my big headphone on. I was lucky to pass both sides so you can be assured I can hear when I am all grown up but don’t worry mummy it doesn’t mean I will be listening 🙂


I know your feeling sad today Mummy, Dad and grandma don’t really know what to do as you just keep crying all the time. They keep saying its your hormones and they have helped bring me all this yummy milk- grandma said to Dad not to worry, you will settle down soon and he should just say yes to what ever you ask him to do.


You are certainly making heaps of milk and your boobies are so hot when I am snuggled against them. Midwife Donna did say this is normal and the engorgement should calm down after a few days. Just try and drain one side at a time and use a nice cold flannel between feeds to help them feel better.

Well mum tomorrow we are off home. I can’t wait to meet my furry friends at home and see my new room with all my toys and fancy clothes. But what I want the most is for you and Dad to be happy and cuddle me for as long as I need and don’t worry I wont need it forever. I am your little lion cub who roars more at the moment. I just get a bit worried and scared you have gone but every time I ‘roar’ I get a nice cuddle from you and Dad.

I heard Grandma say to Dad- Don’t worry the days are long but the years are short. I think Grandma is a wise lady.

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