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Do you need help finding inner peace?

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I must say of late I have been feeling very drained. We are building up to a great holiday however this means I have to work twice as hard before to have the extra money you need for such a fun adventure.
In my industry I feel understanding peoples personal lives is necessary as this helps me cater my advice to them and their circumstances.
However this means sometime I am allowed a sneak peak of the ‘behind the scenes’.
As the chief fixer (self appointed or course!) I then set to trying solve all these problems some of which have been there forever. Sometimes day in day out this leaves me feeling drained and frustrated.
These are my emotions that I have to solve myself.
This then leads me to think of the new world many new mums enter. Not only do you they not know what to expect with their small human but they also come across new people in their lives. This then opens them up to a new set of interpersonal relationships and potentially dramas!!
So how do you protect yourself from taking on other people dramas and anxieties??
How do you stop other people from draining your bucket??
If I knew all of this I would be so calm and enjoying my inner peace ( and not writing this!).
I like to think of the smile and nod- you don’t want people to think your rude but you can listen to them and then let if roll off your shoulders.
Take some time for yourself- this can be getting a nice coffee or going for a walk in the sunshine. Something that you like doing. This is especially important when you have a new baby that consumes your every minute. Think of taking even a hour out of the day as a time to fill your bucket so you can be better at what ever you do for the rest of the day.
If someone is really getting you down or you feel your taking on there problems as your own maybe you need a bit of space. Taking some time out will help you find perspective and balance.
As a part of recording The Baby Manual I spoke with Jodie Benveniste.
She is a parenting expert and had some great points for new parents, relationship changes and balance in your life. She has a great website that is worth a visit-
Jodie Benveniste
So as I leave you with these thoughts on a sunny beautiful day I say take a bit of time for yourself.
A better mum makes a better family. You can’t fix everyone and you are only in charge of yourself (yes I am listening to this as well).
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