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I feel like many new mums do in the last few weeks of this pregnancy.
I started this course thinking it would be a great way to get some support and guidance for many new mums out there entering motherhood some for the first time and others having another go at it!
As like most pregnancies the first part was exciting and full of energy and optimism.
Then it became hard! I have watched myself talk more than any one should ever have too! I have put together 29 videos for you all the enjoy (which has meant I have watched around 25 hours of footage!).
So now as a near the last few weeks of this gestation and I am so close to lauching it for you all the enjoy I am actually terrified of what will happen when it is out THERE!!
This I feel is like most nearly mums out there knowing you have come so far and this next step is really scary but very worth it.
SO please all stay tuned for my birth! The course is looking fantastic with some excellent speakers ready to share their knowledge with you!
Tell your friends, sisters anyone who is about to have a baby that help is here to make the first eight weeks easier with great knowledge and support from The Baby Manual community!

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