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For all the 'Moms' out there

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I am sorry for the silence.
It has been a hard 2017 for me. I don’t mean this because I want sympathy as everything I have done has been my choice and I was well aware of the highs and lows. However I never knew that hard was this hard.
So I have taken a month to lick my wounds and find myself again.
Another sorry- but I think I am only beginning!
I am writing this sitting in a hotel room in the grand USA.
This is a place where being a ‘Mom’ is respected. People have bumper stitchers displaying whether they are an Army mom or a volleyball mom.
Ads on the radio explain how to be a great mom with simple snacks for your hungry kids!
But why did I not respect my role as a mom?
I have spent the last seven years working tirelessly on ‘providing’ for my family giving them opportunities to have everything. And yes probably not listened to my many close friends and family that predicted that they really just wanted me 🙁
This makes me feel sad- more so like I have been doing it all wrong.
We need to respect what we do and the importance of the clean clothes and the dinner on the table. As without this the entire house will fall apart.
Being a ‘Mom’ is hard work. It is often unappreciated and seemingly meaningless.
But I am beginning to see this is very important. We can’t do it all and really shouldn’t need too.
We don’t need to be both the bread winner and the care giver. We can’t be everything to everyone all the time.
So don’t worry I am not giving up on it all. I am really just having a re-think as being upside down in the world can do this.
I really want you to all value what you do and that being a ‘mom’ is great. You kids are your greatest product and when your old and wrinkly they will nurture you like you have them (hopefully).
I will be a bit quiet over the next few weeks as I enjoy a well earned rest in America but will be back with tips and tricks to help those early few months of parenting joy easier.
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