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Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable

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On the eve of International Womens Day I think it important to look back and see where you have been.

Over the last year I have struggled with some small wins and some disappointments.

When you work for yourself it is a struggle as if you are not driving the motivation bus then no one is!

As a strong independent woman I like to think that I can do everything (except reverse a trailer!).


Any problem has a solution or at least a set of choices.

I always try and feel that these struggles are for a greater purpose.

I often think of the new mums I see that are struggling with the adjustment into motherhood.

The confused information about what to do, what is ‘wrong’ and possibly why it is there fault.

This is hard as all they want is for their little baby to be happy and the nights to not be soooooo long.

I wish for these mums to seek understanding and not a cure and believe that everything will be ok over time.


And then you have the terrible situations where that are just really crap.

Where someone suffers hurt and sadness that you just want to see go away.

Where things don’t make sense and you just feel sad.

Two of my beautiful friends have lost babies and found the most amazing courage through this time.

The sadness could eat you up and leave you empty. However these strong courageous woman have found a purpose, a voice and this has inspired me.

It is often hard to talk about this suffering and sadness as having a baby should be happy šŸ™

My beautiful friend Tamara is one of these women, she has written a book on the loss of a baby from a Child’s view.

This is the most amazing picture book that makes me cry every time I read it.

It also makes me so proud of her courage to get it out there and help other families cope the the topic of coming home with empty arms.


I have also got another close friend that lost there baby very close to term.

Personally this was very difficult for me as I have firmly shut the door to the emotions of this.

I have learnt that just being there is all that is important- there are no words or gifts that can help- just being there is what is important.

This couple has found great strength in supporting Still aware and the not for profit cause- which is incredible.

This was one of the main reasons why I have included the amazing Claire Foord from Still aware in the Pregnancy and Baby Manual.

Awareness is the key, talking about the struggles that make you feel uncomfortable.


As women in this amazing country we need to be strong, support each other and some times step in and drive the motivation bus for someone else!

If we support each other with kindness, compassion and not judge then we can survive anything.

If you want to support a few amazing women trying to give it a go please support Still aware they are a SA based not for profit organisationĀ https://stillaware.org/

If you want to look at my amazing friends book called ‘Born to Fly’ by Tamara Whittaker please like her on Instagram or buy her book onlineĀ https://tamaraj.com.au/

And if you want to support me! I am just a gal giving it a go please tell all your soon to be mummies friends about The Baby Manual!https://www.thebabymanual.com.au


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