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November 23, 2017
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January 16, 2018

Happy 2018 everybody.
I hope you have spent some time relaxing and reviewing the year that was and how the new year will be better or possibly different.
It is funny we all talk about the new year being a time for a blank canvas or fresh start. A time when you could loose 20 kgs or pay off that credit card debt. I find all this focuses on what you have done wrong or how you are not perfect.
Then I can see especially through social media a few quiet voices saying ‘love yourself’ ‘you’re good enough’ ‘don’t buy into the hype’.
It is just like that rush of people on Christmas Eve buying all the milk, bread and cherries in the supermarket concerned that the world really might end if the shops are not open for three days!! The feeling of needing a new plan, a perfect diet or the killer budget- but does this exist?? I don’t think so!!
So my message to you is slow down- don’t rush to change your already doing a great job!
Don’t judge yourself by others as normally your only hearing half the story. Be happy with your journey or experience and be proud.
So if someone asks how the breastfeeding is going and you had to stop for your own reasons don’t make excuses be proud you tried and back your decisions.
If you had a different birth than you planned don’t feel your failed be proud you tried. Hopefully you had enough education to understand the reasons things didn’t go the way you planned.
Lets have a new year free from judgement but full of support. Celebrate your successes don’t always focus on what is not working. Run your own race a be proud.
So for me 2018 is going to be a cracker. I am going to feel the sun on my face, sit and laugh at the jokes and be proud of the work I have done in the ‘valley of darkness’.
I look forward to sharing more weekly blogs with tips and tricks to help your early parenting days be easier 🙂

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