How To Care For A Newborn – The Baby Manual

An 8 week e-learning course on how to care for a newborn

Here is a summary of the support you can expect from The Baby Manual while learning about how to care for a newborn baby:

  • New video content is released weekly to keep you ahead of the changes happening for both you and your baby.
  • This could be a step by step guide of how to get out of bed or discussing milk supply changes.
  • We will send you a weekly tips on how to care for a newborn, including a feeding journal and a box of yummy lactation cookies to get things going.
  • We also have a Facebook community that you can connect with to ask questions or reassurance with the changes over the first few months of parenthood.
  • This group has access to a midwife to answer any questions along the way.

Simply sign up to the course you are interested in and we will post out a gift pack to you at home!

How to care for a newborn baby
  • Megan
    I wish this manual was around for my first baby. I have learnt so much that I didn’t even know.
  • It's all pretty overwhelming to become a new parent.  This has been a fantastic resource for us.

“The Baby Manual” is a collaborative effort from baby experts.

How to provide postnatal care for a newborn baby

The Comprehensive guide to newborn baby care.

The Baby Manual is the creation of Midwife Donna Mansell who has worked with new parents for more than 10 years. Donna understands the difficulties new parents face getting to see all the different experts they may need.  That’s why she has gathered together a range of health experts to answer the questions of new parents.  The Baby Manual makes the experts available on your phone, tablet or computer at all hours making it a fantastic way to build confidence and understanding at the most challenging time of your life.
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