Is it normal- or is there a solution?

November 25, 2016
Its getting hot!!
December 8, 2016

A large part of my day is discussion about normal vs abnormal.
eg- is there a problem and solution or will it pass??
This could be related to lots of examples in life-
credit card statements (especially at this time of year!)
Skin and rashes
Milk supply or the perception of too much or not enough
weight gain
The list could go on and on……
When you put anything in a search engine you can come up with many wise words or so called solutions to a problem. However, I would put forward the problem you are worried about might be a version of normal.
The Baby Manual is a resource that spends more time explaining the ‘why’ rather than ‘what’ to do about it. I also pride myself on the expert opinion so you can feel confident that the advice is from the horses mouth (so to speak).
These are some examples we talk about over the 8 weeks-
Many new borns have terrible rashes that are an overreaction to the world and a very sensitive immune system. So putting more creams on it won’t fix it.
In every day a mum should feel both over supply and under supply with feeding frequency always changing. Should she worry about making more milk or just ride the wave??
I don’t have a solution to your credit card- sorry 🙁 Don’t worry mine looks the same.
So I guess the take home message is stop looking for the solution and start thinking that what you are worrying about is likely a version of normal.
Trust yourself- You have got this!!!
If you want to feel supported and more confident join us….

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