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Its getting hot!!

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It is certainly turning into a true hot Australian Summer.
This can turn any new parent into a panic!
How many layers??
Do they still need to be wrapped?
Do I need to run the air con all day and night?
My mum said the baby always has to wear socks! Is that OK??
Do babies need water?
So many questions!!
I like to take the approach of one layer more than you!
So if you are wearing a t-shirt and shorts your baby will be wearing a singlet suit and a light muslin wrap.
Your baby is just a little version of you!
Do you run the air con? Yes if you are hot and feel you need it on then do.
Does the baby need water?? No your breast milk or formula will give the baby the perfect mix of water, fat and nutrients. Water is only started when you start solids.
There has been lots of press about some recent studies about covering prams and car seats and how long to keep babies in these devices.
With any new research we get very concerned and feel overwhelmed by what to do?
What if you going to be in the car for more than 30 mins!? Should you stop and take them out for 5 mins!
I have attached the article for you to read-
Car seat article
I do agree with the research on the heat from a covered pram. Especially on a warm day.
So be mindful of covering the pram with something very light and have some good access to fresh air for your baby. In summer take off the foot muff and allow the air to come in around your baby. And if need be take a layer off before putting them in the pram.
I have also attached the article for you to read.
covering pram article
I hope this has reassured you to know your doing the right thing. And i guess just use your noodle and always think about what it would feel like if you were where you are putting your baby- and yes maybe take a layer off!!

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