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Nothing changes IF nothing changes….

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change-wordleNothing changes if nothing changes…….
I must say this catchy saying is something I come back to in my new year… new you transformation.
Yes if I eat less I will weigh less- but then life is short!
If I spend less I will have more!
But then the days are long and the years are short??
OMG It is so confusing.
Every year I want to do it better, less stress, more me time (blah blah blah)
But the end of January approaches and I realise that I am still the same person I was in December.
Yes I could be thinner, happier, nicer, richer….
But I am me- and that is OK!
You may be wondering what this is all about by now ( if your still reading).
Being you is OK!
If you like to hold your baby that is OK.
If you want to feed your baby that is OK.
If you want you baby to learn to self settle a bit that is OK ( yes.. so crying is OK! within reason).
If you want to do things differently that is also OK.
But be aware that differently will take you out of your comfort zone and if your just doing it because a book or someone told you to you should know the ‘why’.
This will help you to rationalise what your are doing and help you have the confidence to persist.
An example of this is a recent client of mine who was having her third baby who was feeding every hour (yep every hour!!) we talked about what else was happening.
Yes she was spewing, and pooing every feed if not more! and had gained 600gms in 2 weeks. She asked me if it was something she was eating that was upsetting her baby.
I said she was snack feeding and we needed to work on drainage and sleep.
She said it is my last baby and I am happy to hold her as long as she wants.
So then I think- well if your happy then so am I.
But she was saying it was getting a bit much- so we came up with a plan on sleep and settling and she felt confident that things might change.
I would have been equally happy if she was happy 🙂
But she understood it wasn’t a lactose intolerance (thanks Dr Google) and understood my explanation to make some changes.
This is just an example of wanting to change something that might not be working but also understanding why you are changing it.
For me though I have to accept I am who I am- size 10-12 is OK.
And yes money comes and goes (but mostly goes!!!).
You are great and amazing and doing an excellent job!
If you want to find out more about the ‘why’ join us on- The Baby Manual

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