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Parenting Styles

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I am not afraid to say I am new to the rise of the ‘famous’ social media parenting expert.
Last night I was reading some of the blogs of the prominent ladies at the moment. They each have a point of difference which makes people ‘like’ them.
However when in boils down I think the honesty that some of them tell their daily battles and victories is why they are ‘famous’ and get free stuff sent to them all the time! (wouldn’t that be nice!)
Parenting styles is a lot like politics.
If you speak to groups of your friends you will soon see they have a certain set of beliefs. —
Yes babies can cry for a bit they will be fine
No I never let my baby cry they only cry when they want something
I don’t want my baby to be dependant on me all the time
I want my baby to feel nurtured and loved so I wear them/ sleep with them all the time
All babies are arseholes for the first few months- you just have to survive (this is my favourite!)
So this is just a cross section of common thoughts- nothing is right or wrong.
Of course you can get a book or a program to help you have a baby that will sleep unaided or help you understand their cues for sleep.
I find overall guides are guides- they are like that amazeballs diet you thought would change your life (but ultimately you have to change your life not the guide or book).
I always have found that trusting your instincts and reading your baby is a great place to start. They will show you their needs and problems and they you can work on a structure to help them feel safe and secure or help teach them what their bed is.
Guides are only guides.
Your baby will keep changing and you have to keep adapting to them.
So trust your instincts and your style of parenting. Nothing is perfect, nothing works 100% of the time.
And yes sometimes babies are just arseholes and you survive- and tell them all about it when they are a teenager.
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