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I wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed The Baby Manual videos. It is so useful to have the week by week content when you are looking after a newborn as it means you see things at just the right time. I also loved how realistic you and your guests were about life with a little baby, it was very reassuring to hear about all the things that don’t need to be fixed.


What can I say about The Baby Manual!!! Quite simply, words will never do justice to the support and information given to myself and my husband as we embarked on the incredibly nervous and exciting journey into parenthood. 

With about 8 weeks before my due date I woke up one morning in a state of panic feeling completely overwhelmed with the thought of childbirth and what I actually needed to be doing once we had a baby in our home and were responsible for its survival!  Thankfully I found the Pregnancy Manual online and began watching this relatable content.

Donna interviews her speakers and helps to explain that birth was a beautiful event and one to be looked at positively. She equipped us with tips and tricks for the pre-labour and labour experience and talked through what to expect – first from a best case labour and birth, and then what to expect if there were any complications, and what was likely to happen in the event that something did occur. 

Since our beautiful healthy son arrived The Baby Manual has played an even more important part in our lives and frankly I can’t imagine a life without seeing Donna and her expert guests  in it!  After a few videos and a quick message on the facebook group my breastfeeding wobbles were fixed instantly and this has given me all the knowledge I need to confidently feed, nurse and support our baby the best way possible.  

The time we have spent learning with The Baby Manual has meant no more time searching Dr Google or feeling confused from the countless well meaning, but poorly informed, parenting suggestions. The Baby manual has taught us to trust our gut instinct, we know our baby better than anyone!

Finally, Donna’s online tutorials are brilliant – we have watched them all numerous times, to learn and to reassure ourselves that we are on the right track for successfully raising our little one – thanks Donna and the team on The Baby Manual


Finding The Pregnancy Manual during our last trimester was an absolute lifesaver. The down to earth and simple advice and knowledge sharing meant that my wife and I went from naive to comfortable and confident about the birth of our first child and the weeks that followed.  

Since the birth of our healthy and happy boy, The Baby Manual has continued to support us with tips and tricks that are helping with feeding, sleeping and everything in between – I couldn’t recommend The Baby Manual and the experts featured on it highly enough, she has gone above and beyond to ensure we have the tools needed to thrive in our new important roles as parents!”



A great course for mum breastfeeding or wanting to mix feed. The formula information helped me understand what I was choosing.


This is a greats course suitable for a first time mum or a family wanting to brush up on the basics.

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