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I would be lying to say this year has been fantastic. It has both broken me but also helped me to rebuild and see things differently.
On paper it looks great! However I have had so many ups and downs I feel like a have been on a roller coster.
This is not how I thought my year would go. I sat down at the end of last year and made my plan for 2017- it involved success, not working so hard and enjoying all my hard work. Boy was I wrong. Things don’t always work out as you expect and this is not anyones fault it is just life. Expectations have to be adjusted, one must dust off and then move forward.
I spend so many of my days speaking with new mums that dreamt of motherhood. The fairy lights, newest active wear and chubby baby smiles was the PLAN. However the reality is big knickers, trips to get the easiest most covering tinted moisturiser and a screaming baby. What a dream…..
But we love it!
As they say the days are long but the years are short, life is here to be lived. I am trying to ditch the expectations and enjoy what I have.
No longer will I make the plan for failure. My words for 2018 are grateful, enjoyment and  kindness. Both for myself and for my family. If you spend all your time creating the plan of what your wanted you will miss all the moments in-between.
It is funny that every now and then we need to reflect and maybe even decide to try a different way. The perfect way doesn’t exist- if it works for you then it works…..
So for all my fantastic and loyal followers I have come out of my fog and can see the road again.
I will be back with tips, tricks and new information.
Thanks for all sticking by me and I look forward to sharing the amazing re-vamped Baby Manual by the end of 2017.

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