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The magic happens on the other side of fear……

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At the moment in my world I am pushing the boundaries and my comfort zone. I am about to embark on an Australia wide tour trying to get the message that The Baby Manual is out there. This includes public speaking and opening myself and my knowledge to greater public opinion (arrgghhh). This makes me want to desperately crawl back into a very dark hole and pretend life is just the same and not take any risks.
I feel I need to take the advice that I hand out time and time again….
Things will work out just fine, sometimes the hardest things are the best, trust in yourself you can do it.
It makes me reflect on the changes and phases of motherhood (yes this includes the always scary labour). Many new mums are being pushed outside there comfort zone and often feel overwhelmed by both motherhood and also the choices they have to make for themselves and their babies.
I also feel the trust that they put in my knowledge base and confidence when I say everything will work out and that things will change and that is always for a reason- which always make me feel valued and so happy in my chosen profession.
I always love seeing new mums the visit after a big development change when I hear their little babies starting to babble away or when they give them a big smile. The week before this little baby had been miserable and crying overwhelmed by the big new world they had just realised was there. I confidently told them that everything would be OK. Their baby would not cry forever and this would all be worth it.
From time to time we all need to lean on someone, we need the reassurance that everything will work out OK. And of course not always know the answers.
So please try something new, push yourself past that point when you would normally stop.
So this week I can proudly say I don’t know all the answers, I am not sure how this next few months is going to go for me but I won’t die wondering! And I truely believe on the other side of fear is where all the magic happens!!!

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