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The 'perfect' sleep advice

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The other morning I was doing my morning workout trying to become to next Michelle Bridges clone. I was chatting with my exercise partner who was talking about how her 9 month old was still waking up every four hours over night.
As we got chatting I was relaying some of the key points from Brooke’s video (sleep psychologist) on sleep and our idea that infants will sleep through the night etc etc.
I found myself very annoyingly giving advice on how to stretch her babies sleep.
Then she said he baby was not unlike all her friends and she was going OK with the night waking.
How did I become all those annoying people I normally hate by giving advice that she wasn’t asking for! Then as I groaned through my squats I thought how inadvertently we can make new mums feel like they are doing it all wrong even though they are quite happy with everything.
As Brooke did say if you and your baby are OK then everything is OK.
Perfect doesn’t exist.
Is enough ever enough??
The books and sleep strategies will always give you a plan to make things better or longer.
However, if you and your team mate are going all OK then there is no need to change anything. Over time things will change and get easier. Your baby will not need to be patted to sleep when they are six or twenty six. So try and enjoy the moments and not think to hard.
If things are going a bit rough think through is this change normal and only transient?
If so doing something dramatic is probably going to be a big waste of time and energy.
Or is it time to get some sleep strategies in place that suit you and your baby?
Make sure your true to yourself and not going hard core with something that doesn’t sit well within you.
As with diets there are many options some work some don’t. Try and think through what your trying to show or teach your baby and if that would reassured you or make you more anxious? eg- crying to sleep or patting to sleep.
These are two extremes- if you had four kids they likely hood of patting your baby to sleep is very low. So be honest with yourself about what will work.
And please always remember perfect doesn’t exist (unless your MB my girl crush!)
Please add any useful advice you have got over the years- or even some of the not so helpful advice!

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