Today is my ‘Birth’ Day

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May 19, 2019
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May 21, 2019

newborn changes day zero

Day zero or the very first day of being a human.

Wow its a huge event for me.

Firstly birth is hard work for me. I am well designed but do get stressed with this process as coming out of my mum involves lots of pressure changes and squeezing.


Don’t worry mum any marks or bruises on me wont last forever.

Straight after I am born I take a HUGE breath in. This inflates my lungs for the very first time 🙂

Once they are going I can make my own oxygen and be separated from my mum- I don’t need my umbilical cord anymore.

But the umbilical cord didn’t just give me oxygen. It gave me nutrients, antibodies, water and all the other great stuff I have needed on the inside.

So on this very first day of being separated from mum other parts of my body need to start working.


My kidneys need to filter my blood and get rid of waste- this is why I only do very small wee’s for the first few days as my kidneys are getting going.


My stomach has to start to digest food for the first time. This is why babies only need colostrum to start with as my system needs a little time to get going.

My tummy can only fit in 5 mls at the maximum so don’t worry if you don’t hear me swallow much when I have my feeds.

Colostrum also helps to coat my stomach and bowel with healthy bacteria to help create my beautiful micro-biome which helps me to healthy on the inside and out.


My bowel hasn’t ever ever made poo before!

That means that somewhere in the first 24 hours I will do a big black poo- this is meconium which has stopped my bowel from sticking together.

My bowel isn’t ready to digest yet which is why milk takes 3 days to come in and colostrum is all I need as I practice digesting for the first time ever.

On this first day I am very tired breathing is new, seeing is new, sucking takes all my energy. Once I start to do a few poo’s my system starts to get going and I get hungry at regular intervals. But to start with I might not feed for between 6-8 hours.

I have a great storage of fluid and fat to help get me through the first 48 hours so don’t worry too much. My little body just needs some time to get going.


Seeing is limited for me I can mostly just see in black, white and grey. But don’t worry my little nose works well I can smell out that colostrum in no time.

I need some help to start with getting my temperature right as I have never had to do this before.

So for the first day the midwives will take my temperature a few times to make sure everything is going along nicely.


In the next few days I get better at thermoregulation.

Wow my ‘birth ‘day is busy. Everything in my body needs to change and adapt.

Please be kind and patient with me mum and dad.

I am new and I am not sure what is happening. I get overwhelmed really easily and spend lots of time sleeping today.

But don’t worry I will wake up really soon.

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Stay tuned for tomorrows blog- Day 1! The hunger games begin 🙂

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