What is the first week of life like for a newborn?

Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
March 7, 2019
Today is my ‘Birth’ Day
May 20, 2019
How to provide postnatal care for a newborn baby

I spend most of my work life explaining the normal changes that happen for a newborn over the first six weeks.

The birth of a baby is incredible. What is even more amazing is the changes that happen in a newborns body once they are born.

They breathe for the first time.

They use their kidneys, bowel, lungs, skin ……( I could go on) for the first time.

We focus so much on what as parents we need to do with a baby.

However no one really takes the babies perspective.

This may help educate and reduce stress for a new set of parents overwhelmed with the tasks that they feel they have to do with a new baby.

SO each day for the next week I will discuss a day in the babies life. Starting with its ‘birth’ day.

This will be informative discussing organ changes,  adaptations to life out of the uterus.

This will also hopefully make sense of the role of new parents especially in the first scary week of parenthood.

IF you can’t wait and want to know now!! Log onto The Baby Manual https://www.thebabymanual.com.au I have interviewed experts with great information discussing the changes for both mum and baby for the first eight weeks.

This expert based e-learning course helps you to feel confident in why things are changing and what to do with your new human.

So stay tuned tomorrow is day 0- birth day!

Cant wait to help explain why babies change and what to do about it 🙂

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