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Who are you going to be in 2017?

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Parenthood can often cause a change in relationships, friendships and awareness of yourself as a person.
I hear lots of new mums blame themselves for everything!
The baby not sleeping, not making enough milk, the baby having a rash, the list can go on and on…….
We are terribly harsh on ourselves always judging ourselves against others that seem to have it all.
My question is do they really???
Being a new mum is hard, measuring your days success by having shower and hanging out the washing can be a dramatic change from your previous pre-baby lifestyle.
You do become jealous of those that can go to the loo when they want to. Or those that can sleep all night without getting up to their baby.
Friendships can also change- your bestie that always went out partying with you might have moved to a new group of friends (that seem to be having loads of fun on Facebook).
Your partner gets to go to work and have lunch or go to the toilet when they want to (OMG). This makes you want to cry and you wish you could do this.
Then that mumma bear instinct kicks in and you wouldn’t trade your little one for anything- how confusing is this!
I hear you saying- you are asking more questions than you are answering!
What is the answer??
TIME- yep time goes very quickly.
You will soon be back to work and wish you were at home.
You will soon be able to go out and have fun but realise you enjoy watching a movie at home much more.
You will soon sleep all night -and still feel tired 🙁
Your relationships will change and that is OK. Your bestie might not see you as much but when you do your laugh and relax and enjoy yourselves. You might even make some new mum friends where you can chat about the best swaddle to get your baby to sleep longer…
Time is our friend and our enemy. Don’t wish it away because each moment is worth living and enjoying.
As a wise person once said- ‘this too shall pass’ and it always does in time!
If you want support and guidance through this change in you life join us in The Baby Manual –The Baby Manual

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